WET International, Inc

WET International, Inc is a chemical manufacturer and Specialty solutions provider covering several Industries and Markets.

Our manufacturing vision is to create products that meet the following criteria:

  • Performance: Work well under the specify conditions at a competitive cost
  • Safety: Safe to handle by the intended end user as well as for the equipment
  • Environmental Soundness: Use of raw materials and packages that have low impact when discharged to the environment and comply with current regulations. Use of renewable resources when possible. Reduce carbon footprint both emissions and fuel consumption

We provide chemical preparations for Industrial Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Water Conditioning and Purification, Testing and QC Laboratories, Automotive, Laundry, Fundraising Products, Restaurant & Food and Janitorial applications.

We service some of these markets under a Private Label Program and a Custom Preparations Program where Test Kits, Reagents and Specialty Chemicals are made to customer's specifications.

Our product line includes:

  • Test Kits for Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Test Kits for the Water Conditioning and Purification Industry
  • Custom Kits for the I & I Industry
  • Specialty Chemicals. Here we offer several products unique to our company. These products are used by many companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and other countries. High Profile companies use our Specialty Products to solve specific challenges in the Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment markets.
  • Laundry Products for the household and commercial markets - A special line designed for Fundraising Programs
  • Other cleaner for the industries mentioned above

Our most popular Specialty Chemicals are:

  • ScaleSolv® : A safe acid descaler of carbonate-based deposits which is safe on galvanized, aluminum, steel, copper, etc. It also prevents chemical plating of disimilar metals.
  • IronSolv®: Remover of Iron oxide deposits both ferrous and ferric (and ferroso-ferric). It also passivate the cleaned metal to prevent flash corrosion and prevent disimilar metal plating during cleaning
  • CorroShield®: An inhibitor for acid cleaning. Preventive of disimilar metal plating. Can be mixed with organic and inorganic acids
  • HydroShield®: Inhibitor for closed loops operations with open tanks where pH control and microbial growth become a problem. It is not a biocide

With the help of our partner company WET-USA, Inc we also help many water treatment companies around the country, offering not only our chemical preparations but system application consulting

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