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People have been using chlorine bleach in their laundries since the end of the 18th century. While these products work very well in whitening clothes, chlorine bleaches do have a negative effect upon the environment because of their chemistry. Care must be taken in using chlorine bleach as it is toxic to humans, animals, and plants. Also, we all have experienced destroying a colored article of clothing because chlorine bleach was accidentally spilled on it.


Oxygen based Stain Remover is a safe and effective alternative to chlorine based products, and it can be used in many applications in and around the home. It is based on sodium percarbonate, which uses oxygen for de-staining and deodorizing. Oxygen based Stain Remover is safe to use at all temperatures, on most washable fabrics, and all colors, in hard or soft water, and is compatible with other household cleaners. It produces no harmful by-products, which negatively affect the environment. Unlike chlorine bleach, which can merely cover up a stain (de-staining it), Oxygen based Stain Remover attacks, breaks down and disperses or solubilizes organic stains to totally remove them from the garment.


Use Instructions




 In the laundry Oxygen based Stain Remover is used to de-stain, deodorize, and clean. It is very effective as a laundry presoak for heavily stained articles. For light soils add 1 ounce of Oxygen based Stain Remover with your laundry detergent per load. For moderate soils use 2 ounces and for heavily soiled articles use 4 ounces.

 To whiten and deodorize diapers add 4-6 ounces of Oxygen based Stain Remover into the soak cycle. Soak in hot water for at least 30 minutes, or overnight, then complete wash cycle.

 For whitening old linens and yellowed window shears, deodorizing and cleaning tennis shoes, or to get rid of yellow armpit stains on shirts: soak in 2 ounces of Oxygen based Stain Remover per gallon of water for at least one hour, or overnight, then rinse.

 For normal use in laundry ½ oz of Oxygen based Stain Remover can be added with the detergent in warm or hot water as a booster to remove odors and minimum stains


General Cleaning:


 Oxygen based Stain Remover can be used for general cleaning application. A solution prepared with 2 oz of the product in ½ gallon of hot water will be suitable to remove wine stains from carpets, blood stains, tomato sauce based stains, etc.


CAUTION! Do not mix this product with chlorine or chlorine or bromine based products or any other bleach


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