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OxyHelp ,Oxygen Stain Remover (50 LBS)


Removes stains from fabric and other household components (tiles, carpets, etc). It helps whiten cot-ton and polyester fabrics. It contains non-ionic deter-gents (low foaming), alkalinity and oxygen, which is activated in warm water.

OxyHelp can also be used as laundry pre-treatment for a wide range of stains. For this application the product must be dissolved 1 oz per liter of warm water and applied to the stain for 1 to 4 hours. Then wash as usual.  WARNING: This product MUST NOT be mixed with Chlorine (Bleach)


Code / Package Size:

OH1-50 50 lbs. - 36 units / pallet

Dosage / Usage:

1 oz/10lb load

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