Business Opportunities

There are several ways we can partner to help your business or provide products and services so you can start your own business:

1-Sales Representatives: If you have experience in sales, want to start your career in sales or just want to add another line to the products you are currently selling, we want to discuss your plans to find out how to partner. Sell our products in the internet, business to business, etc. We take care of the shipping, billing, collection, bank services, customer services, technical assistance, other supporting roles. The rep. gets a monthly commission check based on paid invoices. You can do this from any part of the Country. If interested please Contact Us

2-Retail Stores: Add a new line of consumables to your offer. Maximize the use of your store space and tap on the needs of your current customers. Products are insured for retail. Contact Us for questions, samples and references.

3-Distributors: If you distribute related products to your customers, the addition of products in this format (value package) will help your customers compete with larger stores/warehouses. Your customers will appreciate your helping them to keep customers that otherwise will go to large retailers to buy products in these formats.

Our extensive line allows distributors of several products to expand their business, some examples are:

  • Food and Produce distributors to grocery stores
  • Restaurant Equipment Suppliers
  • Laundromat Equipment Suppliers
  • Janitorial Equipment Suppliers
Download Our Catalog or Contact Us to discuss other products you may need us to manufacture for you

4-Fundraising Opportunities: Sport teams and many other non-for-profit organizations are in constant need to raise funds. Our Laundry Product Line is great complement these programs. Here you can download sample forms that the Fundraising Organization can use to get order from their supporters and the form they need to fill for you to order what they need