WET International, Inc manufactures several lines of chemical preparations serving various markets. In this site we will concentrate in describing our Standard and Ultra Detergents (Cleaning Formulations) to serve the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen (Restaurant and Food Service)
  • Janitorial

Download our Catalog and Contact Us for Pricing Information. Prices are based on your position in the market, that is, if you are a Distributor, A Re-Seller, or an End User, as well as on the size of your order in a "Per Order Basis"

 The products are geared to the residential, commercial and industrial applications

 Product Formats:

Our products are offered in several formats in order to accommodate the marketing needs of a varied arrange of customers (and markets) and to fit the various programs we offer.

Labeled Products: They carry our label listing our Brand names, Emergency Response Telephone Number, Company Information and Composition relevant to Safety and general usage. This products carry our insurance to protect our customers in case of a legal dispute

Generic Labels: This line contains only a generic label informing the consumer what the product is (e.g. Laundry Detergent, Laundry Detergent HE, etc). Labels do not contain our company information, Emergency Response Number or Insurance. This line is designed for customer that need to keep private the source of their products for whatever reason (market, prices, etc)

Not all products can be offered in this format because of EPA, FDA and DOT regulations. Customers needing these products can opt to sell our Labeled Products or enter our Private Label Program

Private Labeled Products:  Carry the Customer's designed labels. It is a great program for those who want to increase the image of their companies and use the labels increase the chances of customer re-ordering. We can add Customer contact information, and Emergency Response Number. We will also create customized MSDS at no charge and will help the customer to list them with a MSDS service if required.

The requirements to enter this program are:

  • Volume: Orders need to total 24 pallets of products  (Individual or combined products)
  • Payments: 50% down payment to begin to process the order. Balance before shipping
  • Storage: Orders must be pick up or shipped within three days of completion
  • Labels: Customer Supply the labels. We can help the customer to get set with a label manufacturer and provide the manufacturer with all information needed Free of Charge. We will keep inventory of the labels and notify the customer when more labels are needed. This service is also Free of Charge