Private Label Program

Distribution and sales are competitive businesses often requiring special protection of their customer base by keeping control of the manufacturing chain. Sometimes these businesses require private label of their products to enhance (or advertise) their positions.  Often, private labeling is expensive due to the large volume required by most contract manufacturers and contract packagers. We have designed a few programs to allow small to medium size companies to obtain the protection and label requirements they may have without spending large sums of money that could better be used in their operations.


We have established the following programs:


1. Stock products with our labels


Products listed in our catalog are stocked with our labels attached. These labels contain the phone number for a 24-hour emergency response service.  The products’ MSDS are listed with this service, and you will be covered by our insurance for liability purposes. The labels also contain product composition and usage information.


2. Stock products without labels


Non-hazardous laundry products are also sold without labels, just containing a sticker identifying the formula. It is the customer’s responsibility to reject the labeled version and accept the products without labels. These products are not listed with the emergency service number, nor are their MSDS. The liability insurance offered with our labeled products does not apply to unlabeled products.


We do not offer any product considered hazardous for transportation without labels. We do not stock these products without labels for safety reasons. Customers requiring private label for these products have to purchase our minimum quantities and provide labels that comply with applicable shipping regulations (consult 49 C.F.R. and OSHA labeling standards).

3. Stock Products with a private label


Customers can supply WET International with a label they wish applied to the buckets.  However, we do not label finished products; we label the containers when they are empty. We offer two programs in this category:


i. Schedule your product to be Manufactured

If your order requires six pallets for each type of product, we will produce your labeled products in our regular manufacturing schedule. The regular turn around time of the order is three (3) to four (4) working days depending on the size and composition of the order. The minimum order size is six pallets per product.

We can manufacture this amount and label them with different product labels that use the same formula. For example: Regular Blue detergent with Bleach, and Regular Blue detergent with Fabric Softener are made of the same formula and can therefore be combined (3 of each).


ii. Wait for next batch

When the orders are smaller than six pallets per formula, we will private label the products as long as the customer waits for the particular formula to be made. For example: the customer needs 50 buckets of his ABC Regular Blue detergent. Since the order is smaller than six pallets, the customer will wait until we produce formula LL3 (in this case); we will then use part of this production to complete the special private labeled order. For our common products, this only adds a couple extra days to the process.  For some less commonly produced items (fabric softeners, for example), the lead time can be longer, sometimes up to 2 weeks.


It is important to note that changing sizes is not always practical. For example, when filling formula LL1 in buckets, the machines are set for 5 gallon sizes. Requesting products in 2.5 gallon sizes will require additional start-up and tear-down time. This may not be possible at all times.

4. Custom Formulations

For customers that want to have a truly unique product in the marketplace, we can also manufacture special formulas to your specifications.  Each formula has a minimum requirement of 6 pallets.  We offer a couple different options for clients looking to pursue this avenue.

i. Using our formulas as a base


Sometimes, a custom formula may be as simple as changing the color or fragrance of a pre-existing blend.  In this case, you can tell us what color or scent you would like to add.  Working with WET, we can devise a custom formulation that meets your criteria using our standard products as a starting point. We will prepare, analyze and provide the customer with a sample of the final product for his approval.


Upon approval, the customer has to supply the special ingredient in quantities of 110% the amount needed for his production, provide payment and labels, and we will start production according to the agreed specifications.


ii. Customer provides the formula


Customer will provide samples of all raw materials and the formula to be manufactured. WET International, Inc. will produce and provide a sample to the customer. Upon approval customer will provide 110% of the raw material required for production and payment for WET to start production.


It is possible that some of the raw materials required are in use by our company. In this case WET will provide cost for using our stock; if this helps reduce the customer investment we will provide the raw material(s).


The following should also be observed:


Customer should allow for production tolerances of +- 5%, and will be billed based on the actual amount produced.


When providing labels, customers must provide additional labels in case of damage and/or losses due to label application.


We can drop ship/ blind ship and provide services related to transportation. Please contact our office if you have any questions.


All orders (in any program) will begin after payment is cleared. For specific information on payments, please inquire.