Using laundry detergent to start a successful home business

WET International started out as a small chemical manufacturer in 2000 and have managed to stay in business, grow sales, and develop several lines of chemical preparations to service various industries. In the beginning, we did not manufacture all our products; In fact, we still do not do it all today.  Even though our manufacturing facilities are much larger than before, we will continue to rely on the support of our suppliers to service our customers.

 We would like to share our experience in starting a small business without access to a lot of capital.

Based on our experience with home business start-ups, the most important factor is not capital; It is time.
As a starting business owner, you have to purchase, produce, market and sell – then of course, keep your books in order
er. It is the juggling of these many responsibilities that leads to over 85% of new business start-ups failing within the first 5 years.  The common theme in these failures is a lack of cash flow.
The reason that businesses end up with a negative cash flow is due to a lack of time.  If you could allocate most of your available time to marketing and sales and you are conservative with your income, your business most likely will flourish.

What are some things you can do to maximize the time spent selling?
1) Eliminate extraneous expenses from fixed overhead like rent, electricity, heating and cooling
2) Eliminate both cash and time investments in purchasing equipment, raw materials and production labor
3) Do not tie up your money in excessive inventory
4) Dedicate above mentioned resources to marketing and sales

By partnering with WET International, we can help you achieve the above goals and start your own home business. 
The following programs are available:

  • Direct Selling of our Laundry Pillow: You sell thru your website, we ship directly, we collect and give you a monthly commission check (Starting by the end of March 2015)
  • Fundraising: Sell to Institution that want to raise money: Sport teams, Churches, Dance and other talent classes, Schools (visit our fundraising site)
  • Buy and sell to retailers or inquire about becoming a Sales Representative

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